Rainfer Primates Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, urgently needs financial help to pay for this winter’s central heating bills.

Winter is upon us, and we are unable to pay for the much needed heating that the primates desperately need to overcome these harsh months.

The animals are not adapted to these cold conditions, and due to their past lifes, their immune system is very weak or they are too old and sensitive. Therefore they need warm enclosures in order to survive the colder months of the year.

Our resources have been diminished considerably and we do not receive many help. We urgently need public collaboration to be able to continue the work we have been doing since we started 21 years ago.

Your contribution during the winter is vital for the survival of the 130 primates that live at RAINFER.

The temperatures are currently reaching 2ºC at night. During the winter, every month, 4000€ are spent on oil for the central heating. We upload the corresponding bills of each payment on our website.

Between us all we can make a difference. Thanks in their behalf!

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2017-2018 CAMPAIGN- Goal Reached!!

MARCH2000CHALLENGE (2018)_ Reached!


100,00% Reached (2.000 €)*

*:Updated information on 30th March 2018


FEBRUARY4000CHALLENGE (2018)_ Reached!


100,00% Reached (4.000 €)*

*:Updated information on 28th January 2018


JANUARY4000CHALLENGE (2018)_ Reached!


100,00% Reached (4.000 €)*

*:Updated information on 19th December 2017


DECEMBER4000CHALLENGE (2017)_ Reached!


100,00% Reached (4.000 €)*

*:Updated information on 9th December 2017


4000CHALLENGE (2016-2017)- Goal Reached!!